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Complete Interior And Exterior Home Repair Service

For most any family, routine home maintenance will quickly become a costly repair project when overlooked or left unattended. Our years of experience in the field of home repair (painting, drywall, etc.), offer residents of Charlotte peace of mind knowing that any repair issues in their home will be thoroughly addressed by our courteous and professional crews.

While some contracting services will shy away from general home repairs, our team of experts is always prepared to handle any issues that our customers may have. Whether these projects involve interior or exterior repair work, we bring years of experience to the table, and an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

While the local climate is certainly attractive to Charlotte residents, the harsh effects of wind, sun, and rain will gradually take their toll on the exterior of our homes. Prolonged exposure to these elements will effect roofing, siding, decks, and any other outside structures. When routine repairs or maintenance are not addressed, small issues will simply grow into larger problems. We encourage our customers to contact us before any minor repairs begin to escalate.

As a respected and reliable roofer in the Charlotte area, we understand the effects that time and weather will have on any roof. While our inspection service will easily pinpoint any potential problems, homeowners who have overlooked maintenance may need immediate service and repair work.

If you are experiencing minor leaks inside the home, or leaks around skylights, a thorough inspection and subsequent repairs should be made right away. While leaks are certainly signs of an existing problem, missing or damaged shingles may also be an indication that your roof may need professional service.

When peeling and cracking paint start to become an eyesore, you may need to consider repainting the exterior of your home. Our local crews are able to strip peeling paint, examine the existing siding for possible weather damage, and make any necessary repairs. Once the siding has been thoroughly prepared, a professionally applied exterior finish will have your home looking brand new.

For interior home repair (painting, drywall, etc.), our crews are ready to handle any repairs or remodeling jobs, regardless of their scope. Whether your drywall has been compromised because of mold and water damage, or you’ve decided it’s time to give your home a facelift, we are able to handle every aspect of the particular project.

When it comes to interior or exterior painting, we pride our selves in thorough preparation. While many contractors will rush to apply the paint or finish, we understand that a poorly prepared surface is only an invitation for future problems. We offer homeowners peace of mind knowing that all of their painting projects are in good hands, and that each job is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

We encourage residents of Charlotte, and surrounding areas, to contact us regarding all of their home repair (painting, drywall, etc.) needs. Once we’ve thoroughly inspected your current repair project, we’ll provide you with a professional assessment and the best possible solution to solve your problem.

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