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Storm and Hail Damage to Your Roof


Is your roof leaking?


Do you have a brown stain on the ceiling in one of your top floor rooms?

Has your neighborhood been hit by a strong storm (with or without hail) in the last few years?

Have you noticed that several of your close neighbors have had recent roof repairs or replacements done?

Then you may have storm damage to your roof!

 Whether you have a leak or not, if your roof is damaged, further water damage to your house from leaks is going to happen – sooner or later.

We can help!

We offer a NO COST, NO OBLIGATION full roof inspection

Why do we do this? Many people are afraid to contact a roofer because they have heard about “storm-chasers” who take advantage of home owners.




Why is an inspection by a professional important?

If your roof has been damaged by hail or a storm it is quite possible that you will not be aware of it. Obvious signs of roof damage from hail and storms can often be seen from the ground, but it is frequently the case after a severe storm that damage has been caused but yet is not readily seen. You need an inspection by an experienced roofing company to be sure.

Also, if your neighbors are having roofing repairs done after a storm it is very likely that your roof will have been damaged also.

Even if your roof is not leaking immediately, if shingles and materials have been damaged the next storm or heavy snowfall can begin to cause serious problems.

Lack of an immediate leak, especially if there is no further significant rainfall, may cause you to think that there is no damage, but it is still worth getting it checked out.

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We handle your insurance claim when applicable

Insurance companies have very specific rules on when they will pay to replace a roof

Generally if you have less than ten hits per hundred square feet of roof the insurance company will only pay for repair; if it is more than ten hits then you should be able to claim for a new roof.

Bear in mind also that insurance companies like to pay out as little as possible. If you have hail damage and don’t get it fixed and then you suffer further damage from, say, wind in a future storm, you could easily finish up paying two lots of insurance deductibles because the damage was caused by two separate incidents.

Your roof is one of the most important features of your house. If it gets damaged it is far better to be safe than sorry.

We are experienced in working with all insurance companies

We handle all the paperwork when it comes to making a claim on your insurance, if you have a valid claim

Calling in an expert to check it after a storm will either identify damage that needs to be repaired, or may simply confirm that there is no problem, which will lead to peace of mind for you as the householder.

When in doubt – check it out!

Call Us TODAY For your Free Inspection at (704) 728-9237